AKC Announces Junior Recognition Program

The AKC has enhanced its Junior program. You can find more information at the following link:

Agility Demo Request

I received a query about finding someone that could hold an agility demo in the Dominican Republic. The following is the text of the basic requirements:

Hello George:

We have a Pets Expo on August 20 2017 in Dominican Republic. here we speak spanish, and last year we brought the Puerto Rico Agility Team, with 3 dogs. We need something similar, we have the equipment and the space and everything, we only need a gruoup of 2 o 3 dogs with trainers to make 2 presentations that day.  The should travel on saturado to D.R. and they could return to USA on Monday if they want, we have flights everyday 3 times a day.

Our Expo is Comercial and educational, we use it to educate the people about how to be a good owner and we show them new alternatives to have fun with their dogs.

If you are interested or need more information, you can contact Daniella Mena at

Tidbits 6/18/2017

A number of topics today

Closures & Cancellations

The canine Flu “epidemic” has caused a few indoor training centers to close their doors to dogs for a month. For IPOC, this also required cancellation of their July 22-23 UKC agility trial. 

Tidbits 6/6/2017


To let the Flu bug die down, DACOF has postponed the trial until September 22-25 2017. The weekend is pretty much empty. The Floridaagility calendar only has a corresponding event from last year for a CPE trial in Palm Bay and it should have been on the CPE calendar by now. 

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