Yet Another New Trial Site

The Dalmatian Club of America has scheduled two days of all breed agility and one day of Dalmatian only agility for April 8-10 2016 as part of its national speciality. Friday and Saturday are all breed. They are having it at what appears to be an interesting site: The Grand Oaks Resort & Museum in Lady Lake / Weirsdale (near The Villages). …

New AKC Entry Form

I have generated a new AKC entry form that adds the Premier classes. This form is only computer fillable - it uses things like drop down menus to replace some check boxes, etc. It also computes your total fees. It will handle up to a five day trial all eight possible classes. …

Training BB cancelled

I have decided to cancel the training bulletin board due to lack of interest. Since it was opened, I received one valid registration and over a hundred spam registrations. 

Trainers can post information about their classes as Facebook comments at the bottom of their Floridaagility page. 

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