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Due to the virus precautions, some clubs are cancelling the trials. AKC has temporarily dropped the closing date requirement from 14 days before the trial start to seven days if the club wishes. 

When I find out about a cancellation, I mark the calendar title as “

TidBits 1/5/2020


►In the last issue, I announced that the Dog Obedience Club of Lee County was offering four sets of trials at Bratty Paws including one on DACOF weekend. Shortly thereafter I discovered that they changed the starting date of that trial to December 18. …

TidBits 1/1/2020

Happy New Year 


►Several new things are being implemented in the AKC world today. For Exhibition Only (FEO) and Fix aNd Go on (FNG) start this coming weekend and you can expect some longer briefings. These are in a trial period for a year. 

Tidbits 10/29/2019

Thanks to a Congress that cannot walk and chew gum at the same time Daylight Savings Time will take a hiatus for about four months starting this Sunday (11/3). 

Also this weekend is one of the busiest Agility Trial weekends of the year. …

Tidbits 10/6/2019

2021 is a “leap" year in the AKC calendar. The first dog event weekend of the year is the first weekend where  the Saturday date is neither January 1 or 2. This pushes the corresponding dates for the trials a week later in the calendar. …

Tidbits 9/25/2019

We are starting to get AKC premiums for 2020 and it may be nice to review some changes that take place starting January 1, 2020.

For Exhibition Only (FEO) - this allows you to use a toy in the ring in FAST or T2B runs. You must notify the judge and scribe that the run is FEO. …

Tidbits 9/9/2019

Here are a few items that I posted to social media recently. Most of these are rule changes for the various organizations.


The AKC has implemented a couple of one year pilot programs involving training in the ring starting 1/1/2020. …

Tidbits 7/25/2019

I have been making some changes in the Training section. The listing for each organization now begins with the City that the training site is located in. This may help people find a location near them. The overview map can also be used to see the trainers close to where you are. …

Tidbits 7/12/2019

A couple of items for this edition. Some trial updates and a bit of background on how I scan for things. 

Trial Updates 

Tampa Bay Agility Club (TBAC) has moved their trials to the Dog Training Club of St. Petersburg facility for 2020. …

Tidbits 6/30/2019

A few items in this Tidbits. New AKC trials in the Panhandle, new implementation dates for Preferred/Regular and different jump heights at the same trial, and a new potential agility site for large events.

For those of you in the Panhandle

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