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TidBits 11/20/2020

News from November AKC Board meeting

For Exhibition Only and Fix and Go On trial

These have been made permanent.

Things ending 12/31/2020 

  • Waiver of two judges required to earn a title will be extended to 12/31/2021
  • Event closing date not less than 7 days before the trial. …

TidBits 10/24/2020

News from October AKC Board meeting

ACT Expansion

The ACT program is being expanded to include a jumpers class (ACT1J & ACT2J titles). This will be implemented starting February 1, 2021.

Things ending 12/31/2020 (note these are recommendations and will be discussed further at the November meeting)

TidBits 10/20/2020

►Trial Site News

Some news on the indoor trial sites on turf front! 

Bratty Paws is undergoing expansion. Watch out for construction activity during the upcoming trials. Check out their Facebook page for a photo.

TidBits 9/10/2020


Finding AKC premiums is the most difficult of the searches that I have to make. Most of the other licensing organizations will post the premiums or test schedules on their event calendars. Guess what, AKC will as well but it is not automatic. …

TidBits 7/22/2020

►Sarasota was a bit sneaky with their September premium. I had been looking on their website for it for a long time. Then for some reason I looked at the event information for the trial on the AKC site and there it was! …

TidBits 5/27/2020

►The COVID-19  page now has a section for site specific procedures. The first site is Bratty Paws with a link to the procedures and a link to the Bratty Paws web page that will have links to things like course diagrams, live video stream, running order, etc. …

TidBits 5/13/2020

►I have established a COVID-19 page with information from the various organizations. A few organizations have issued some guidelines on best practices during the recovery from the epidemic. For example, some organizations are allowing you to put the leash in your pocket or wear it during your run. 

TidBits 5/3/2020

►It has been fun keeping up with the cancellations and rescheduling of events. The Turner Center could not be sure of when it would be able to open for business and cancelled the plans to load dirt onto the arena floor and thus all of the agility trials planned for the Turner Center in Arcadia have either been cancelled or moved to Bratty Paws. …


Due to the virus precautions, some clubs are cancelling the trials. AKC has temporarily dropped the closing date requirement from 14 days before the trial start to seven days if the club wishes. 

When I find out about a cancellation, I mark the calendar title as “

TidBits 1/5/2020


►In the last issue, I announced that the Dog Obedience Club of Lee County was offering four sets of trials at Bratty Paws including one on DACOF weekend. Shortly thereafter I discovered that they changed the starting date of that trial to December 18. …

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