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Tidbits 1/19/2018

First Tidbits of the new year! Got a couple of items.

Effective June 1, 2018 the AKC premier classes will be available to all levels of dogs just like T2B. The following is speculation. If the AKC allows dogs to enter the World Team Tryouts with only Premier legs this would allow experienced dogs from other organizations to compete for World Team spots without having to run a dog through Novice, Open and Excellent. …

Tidbits 12/4/2017

AKC Regulation Changes

The AKC has approved a couple of new regulation changes effective January 2, 2018. 

First, the entry limit per judge has been increased to 350. This is to account for the Absent entries so the Judge will still handle about 330 entries. 

Tidbits 11/14/2017

Google has enhanced the calendar and now allows rich text and easily created links in the event notes. I have started putting in links to the event information (if applicable) when I change an event from Tentative to a scheduled event. …

Tidbits 10/11/2017

As you may recall, the 26” jump height is going away starting on January 2, 2018. There will be two 24” classes. The regular 24” class for dogs greater than 22 inches and the 24C class for dogs that measure into the 8-20 inch jump heights. …

DTCT Trial Update

The Dog Training Club of Tampa’s Agility Trial in Palmetto has extended its closing date to Wednesday, September 20th.   Online entries are available or you can mail your entry to arrive by Wednesday, 6pm September 20th.

Please email me with any problems with your entry.

Tidbits 8/28/2017

AKC Judges Blog

The tire is now optional in Premier Standard. This goes into effect Friday (Sept. 1, 2017).

Arcadia Rodeo

Construction continues on the new rodeo facility. …

Tidbits 8/16/2017

Recently UKI announced the availability of practice rings for competitors at the US Open. The US Open is being held at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. The most interesting thing about the announcement was the ring diagram that they provided showing the location of the practice rings.

Tidbits 8/15/2017

Ochlockonee River Kennel Club is also hosting Fast CAT trials in conjunction with the Agility Trials and Barn Hunt on Veterans Day weekend.

Dog Training Club of Tampa has pulled their premium for the Veterans Day weekend. …

Tidbits 8/13/2017

The Dog Obedience Club of Hollywood AKC agility trials on November 3-5 at Fort Pierce will have come company. The Treasure Coast Kennel Club will also be hosting two events at the Fairgrounds.

An all breed conformation show will be held on Saturday & Sunday. 

Tidbits 7/24/2017

AKC eliminates the 26 inch Jump height

AKC has eliminated the 26 in jump height effective 1/2/2018 and replaced it with a “24 inch Choice”. In effect dogs that are greater than 22 inches will jump the regular 24 inch class and the dogs that are 22 inches and less will jump in the 24 inch Choice class if they desire. …

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