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We compete in mostly AKC (and recently UKI) so I am familiar with most of the AKC sites and have done my best with the other organizations. If you have corrections, additions, suggestions, etc., contact me using the "Contact Webmaster" link at the bottom of each page. We have traveled all over the country in our RV attending trials. You can see where we have been at ewins.org

Eileen started agility in the mid ‘90s and is currently showing three papillons. James has attended the AKC Agility invitational and has competed in the finals at the AKC National Agility Championship. Chance (the red devil) is not as fast as James and has earned titles at a faster rate than James. We have a new puppy, Kramer, son of EZ and Truly who has just started competing.

Of the remaining dogs, Robin was Eileen’s first papillon (a rescue) and is now at the rainbow bridge. He earned a MACH 6 and attended the AKC NAC and the first AKC Invitational in Long Beach. Each of his MACH titles was earned in a different state ranging from Oregon to Virginia. Bingo (a bichon frise) was the third bichon to achieve a MACH title. He is currently at the rainbow bridge. Last but not least Fluffy (a bichon frise) was a bit early for the MACH title and attended the 1998 AKC NAC. She retired for a while and then the AKC offered the Preferred option and she reentered for a while until she let Eileen know she was done. She is currently waiting at the rainbow bridge.

You can see photos of all the dogs at:  ewins.org

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