The COVID-19 situation (Chinese Originated VIrus December 2019 - my definition of the acronym) has changed the way agility trials will be run for a while. 

Keep in mind that the majority of the agility competitors in the state fall into the vulnerable category. The demographics fo the Floridaagiity Facebook page have over 53% of the followers being women over 55. You can add a couple of percent for men over 55 (men make up about 4% of the followers). 

The Agility organizations have begun to publish guidelines for trials in the COVID-19 world. I will try to keep this updated as they are released.

Note, NADAC, USDAA and UKI allow the submission of video runs. Not real familiar with NADAC & USDAA but a UKI video “Q” gets you half the basic points of a regular trial Q. Each week, UKI publishes a trial premium for Senior/Champ and Beginner/Novice

We have a wide variety of trials in Florida from small trials held in a “back yard” setting with plenty of room available to spread out to large trials held in a variety of locations. Each club will need to determine what is appropriate for their trial. Most indoor trials will probably require wearing a mask. 

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