Calendar problems

There have been some problems recently with the calendar not displaying. It appears to be a conflict in Google accounts. If you are signed into a Google account, the calendar may not display. You have some of the following alternatives to get around the problem until Google fixes it: 

  • Sign out of your Google account - go to and in the upper right corner there will be an icon with your initial or a picture. Click on that and select sign out
  • Open in a private or incognito window - this will depend upon the device and the browser that you are using. For example in Safari and Chrome on a Mac there is a New Private or New Incognito Window under the file menu. On an iPad or iPhone you can click on the overlapping squares and select Private and then the plus to open a new private window. In private/incognito mode among other things you start with an empty cookie jar so when Google checks its cookies to see if you are signed in, it get a negative result.
  • Open in another browser that is not signed into a Google account.

Any of the above should solve the problem. Hopefully this problem will disappear in the future.

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